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Once in a while, we encounter a gym owner surrounded by very handy and enthusiastic (wo)men. For projects that do not pose many technical difficulties, we can offer a STRIDE consultant, a technical expert that guides and supports you and your motivated team through the installation. And Helix Sports & Health Coaching was just that! A 200 m2 state-of-the-art club now enriched with 173 Interlocking (puzzle) tiles and a 2 by 15 meter custom sprint track (Tufted Turf). The training facility is divided into two open spaces, both focussing on functional and power training. Meticulously placed throughout the gym are a sprint track, two squat racks, a variety of cardio machines and the right tools and equipment to strengthen the body and mind. One of those tools is the custom made Slam Wall, a 2x2m frame designed with the Helix logo and fortified with a 1cm sublayer of dense shock and sound absorbing material. The slam wall allows for power, speed and agility exercises to further develop an athlete's overall conditioning and strength. 

We also set a new milestone for this project. As a special favor and considering the size of the project, we organized our very own transport and delivered the tiles, turf and equipment with our own STRIDE truck. As a result, we were able to deliver at a requested time and date according to our client's wishes. 

We want to thank Helix SHC for the help and clear communication and we wish them the best of luck in their future endeavours. Take a peek at what the final result below!

In the neighborhood? Contact the club owner and maybe have a look in Bavel, The Netherlands!


Bart Van Haren

Helix Sports & Health Coaching


What equipment we used

173 Interlocking tiles
2x15m Custom made sprint track
2x2m Slam wall
2 STRIDE Half Racks

Helix Sports & Health Coaching (NL)
Dennis Huysentruyt 7 November, 2022
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