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Designing a functional training gym can be quite challenging, especially if you start from the ground up. Fortunately, you can turn to STRIDE Europe for all the help you need. We are very experienced in designing the functional training gym our clients want, even for big names. An example is our collaboration with Royal Antwerp Football Club, where we were given the responsibility to design their new training areas. 

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The steps in designing a functional training gym

If you turn to us for help with designing a functional training gym, we apply different steps. The first one is a gym design consultancy. During this step, you tell us your ideas and demands and we offer advise, based on the measurements of your space and your budget. Next, the designing of your functional training gym starts. We create a 3D-visualization and discuss how we will approach the building process. Finally, we start building your own gym and assure a perfect installation and finishing. Take a look at our recent projects for fitness design ideas.

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Contact us to discuss your specific needs

Do you want to hire us for designing a functional training gym? Please contact us to discuss your specific demands. You can reach us by calling +32 9 274 25 56 or by sending an e-mail to hello@strideeurope.com. In addition to our design service, we also offer all the gym equipment you may need in your new gym. Make sure to take a look at our own gear, such as the STRIDE flat bench.