STEP 1: Consultation, 

Plan to design the gym

STEP 1: Measurement and Advice

Tell us your ideas, dreams and demands. We measure your space, advise and calculate what‘s possible within your budget. Due to our experience, in this stage, a lot of the time we can also help you with business-specific questions to optimize your profit per .

STEP 2: Visualization a

Gym three d design

STEP 2: Implementation Strategy

Our gym design experts make a 3D-visualization of your space and discuss with you how the delivery, building and implementation will go. In this stage we also fine-tune the budget and expectations so there are no loose ends.

STEP 3: Building and 

Building gym

STEP 3: Building of the Project

Our team guarantees a perfect installation and finishing of your functional training space so you are ready to open and kick some ass. Whether you want us to build everything, make use of an installation consultant or want to do it yourself, we have a solution!


Experience your future gym in full effect with our new rendering software



Unlock the full potential of your fitness facility with STRIDE's exclusive offer: a free 3D gym design tailored specifically for your project. Our expert gym design consulting team utilizes cutting-edge 3D visualization technology to craft bespoke layouts that optimize every inch of your space. With our professional gym consultants, you'll receive personalized advice and a strategic implementation plan that ensures functionality and maximizes your investment. Embrace this opportunity to transform your vision into reality, enhance your gym's profitability per square meter, and set the foundation for a successful fitness business. Don't miss out—contact us today to start your journey towards a fully optimized and visually stunning gym environment



Celine De Coster

Celine De Coster 

Account manager for Belgium

An Sofie De Visscher

An-Sofie De Visscher

Account manager for Spain

Thibault  Poulet

Thibault  Poulet

Account manager for Belgium

Dennis Huysentruyt

Dennis Huysentruyt

Account manager for Germany

Leander Verbraeken

Leander Verbraeken

Key account manager and CEO

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Vincent Ginneberghe

Installation manager Benelux

Innovative Gym Design Services for Modern Fitness Spaces

Why Choose STRIDE for Your Gym Design Needs

Choose STRIDE for unparalleled expertise in gym design. Our track record with elite sports teams and top fitness brands demonstrates our capability to deliver superior design solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Maximizing Your Investment with Strategic Gym Design 

Maximize your investment with our strategic gym design services. At STRIDE, we ensure that every design decision supports your business objectives, enhancing the value and appeal of your fitness facility.

Explore Our Portfolio of Cutting-Edge Gym Design Projects 

Take a tour through our diverse portfolio showcasing our commitment to cutting-edge gym design. Each project highlights our innovative approach to creating unique and effective fitness spaces for a variety of clientele.

How Our Gym Designs Optimize Space and Enhance Performance

Our gym designs are crafted to make the most of every square inch, ensuring that your training area promotes optimal performance. With careful consideration of flow and equipment placement, we enhance the functionality and safety of your fitness environment.

Customizable Sprint Tracks with Your Branding

Elevate your gym design and brand identity with customizable sprint tracks that feature your logo or design. STRIDE allows you to personalize every detail, ensuring that the sprint tracks not only enhance athletic performance but also resonate with your brand’s visual identity. This personalized approach ensures your facility stands out and reinforces brand loyalty among your clients.

Enhance Your Gym with Logo-Printed Slam Walls

Transform your gym’s functional training areas with slam walls customized with your printed logo. These visually impactful elements not only enhance the functionality of your space but also serve as a constant branding tool. With STRIDE’s design expertise, your slam walls will not only be durable and practical but also a reflection of your gym’s identity and commitment to quality.

From Concept to Completion: Our Gym Design Process 

Our gym design process is thorough, from concept to completion. We collaborate closely with you to ensure that every aspect of the gym meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

Expert Gym Design for Sports Clubs and Athletic Centers

STRIDE specializes in designing dynamic gyms for sports clubs and athletic centers, focusing on creating spaces that are versatile and conducive to high-level training for all types of athletes.

Customized Gym Layouts Tailored to Your Fitness Goals 

Discover gym layouts expertly tailored to meet your specific fitness goals. At STRIDE, we prioritize functionality and aesthetics to create spaces that not only look great but also enhance workout efficiency and effectiveness.


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The Room, Fribourg (CH)
Sanchez Strength & Conditioning, Barcelona (ES)
Hawaiian Poké Bowl, Antwerpen (BE)
Next Level PT, Venlo (NL)
Always Better, Gent (BE)
The Vault Performance Centre, Kluisbergen (BE)
Sports Performance Nederland, Amsterdam (NL)
TFC, Brussels (BE)
Be Strong, Wervik (BE)
THRIVE Academy, Wormer (NL)
Impact PT Club, Heeze (NL)
ATHLTQ, Amsterdam (NL)
PADEL4U, Gent (BE)
Allround Sports, Kleve (DE)
The Healthworks Company, Gent (BE)
Santo Galasso, Etterbeek (NL)
Always Better, Gent (BE)
A2 Invest, Merendree (BE)
Strive Performance, Aalst (BE)
Key To Perform, Uccle (BE)
Befit Center, Bergeijk (NL)
Funfit, Kortessem (BE)
Source PT, Tilburg (NL)
Belgian Warrior Team
Athletic Fit, Amsterdam (NL)
2 Train, Sittard (NL)
Inspiro, Brugge (BE)
Get Fit Stay Fit, Den Haag (NL)
VitaSupport, Alkmaar (NL)
The Fairview, Woluwe-Saint-Lambert (BE)
B Your Best, Forest (BE)
Summit, Brugge (BE)
Sense Studio, Marknesse (NL)
RAW Perfromance Center, Temse (BE)
The Studio, Brussels (BE)
Origin PT, Oostende (BE)
Improving You, Utrecht (NL)
Elevator Sports, Rotterdam (NL)
FT-Club Wevelgem, Wevelgem (BE)
PT Anna De Kok, Groningen (NL)
The Urban Warrior, Izegem (BE)
Body Life Changing, Ukkel (BE)
Meijners PT, Wognum (NL)
GVC Sportscare, Westerlo (BE)
Hendrik De Stoop, Deerlijk (BE)
Personal trainer Jolan, Berlare (BE)
Upgrade PT, Mol (BE)
HIT PT, Els (NL)
Brussels Sports Performance, Brussels (BE)
Personal Fit Club, Den Haag (NL)
Heiloo Vitaal, Heiloo (NL)
No Time Fit, Sluis (NL)
Igo4Fit, Dessel (BE)
City Alps, Amsterdam (NL)
Sports Fit Lab, Rotterdam (NL)
Greenwich Training, North Hampton (UK)
Move Yourself Consult, Dilbeek (BE)
Vigor, Antwerpen (BE)
UNIT, Tielt (BE)


Royal Antwerp Football Club, Antwerpen (BE)
KRC Genk, Genk (BE)
AZ Alkmaar fysio, Alkmaar (NL)
FC Feyenoord, Rotterdam (NL)
Ajax, Amsterdam (NL)
Union Sint-Gillis FC, Sint-Gillis (BE)
KV Mechelen, Mechelen (BE)
KV Oostende, Oostende (BE)
Waasland-Beveren, Beveren (BE)
FC Twente, Enschede (NL)
Tennis Panorama, Overijse (BE)
Volley Vlaanderen, Vilvoorde (BE)
Basketball Oostende (BE)
KVRS Waasland - SK Beveren (BE)
Willem II, Tilburg (NL)
KBHB Hockey Belgium, Wilrijk (BE)
Belgian Rugby Federation (BE)


Santé Physio Sport (FR)
Kinetix, Lennik (BE)
U-Perform, Waterloo (BE)
Hyper Health, Performance & Rehab, Temse (BE)
Kineworks, Turnhout (BE)
Revo Sport, Gent (BE)
Credo Kinsitherapie, Hasselt (BE)
Fysio Centrum Van Bergen (NL)
Watson Fysio (NL)
Physio Active Care
Kine Praxis
Switch Medifun, Lievegem (NL)
Kinoptima, Stabroek (BE)
Kinepraktijk Vanhove, Heusden- Zolder (BE)
Be-Cure, Gent (BE)
Le Préhaut, Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe (BE)
Kine 38, Berlare (BE)
FysioSupport, Mill (NL)
THIM Hogeschool Fysiotherapie, Utrecht (NL)
Paramedic, Mons (BE)
Kine De Bleser, Bornem (BE)
Bodypoint, Londerzeel (BE)
De 12e Man, Gent (BE)
SMCP, Papendal (NL)
Spirit, Antwerpen (BE)
Fysiocare, Waalwijk (NL)
Jouw Fysio, Weert (NL)
Reactivate, Lummen (NL)
Motionlab, Schoten (BE)
Move Well Fysio, Hilversum (NL)
GoFysio, Nieuwegein (NL)
Hyper, Temse (BE)
Medisch Trainingcentrum, Ranst (BE)
Kineworks, Turnhout (BE)
Track, Brugge (BE)
Sporti-fy, Waasmunster (BE)
Fysio Cura Plaza, Hoofdorp (NL)


Breda Strength & Conditioning, Breda (NL)
CrossFit Blijdorp, Blijdorp (NL)
Het Gymlokaal, Amsterdam (NL)
Hardwerk, Groningen (NL)
GO-FIT Bornem (BE)
Boxing Company, Oud-Beijerland (NL)
CrossFit Endgame, Lochrist (BE)
Kickboxing Institute, Nijmegen (NL)
Crossworld, Grembergen (BE)
Kickboxing Institute, Nijmegen (NL)
Politiezone Mira, Waregem (BE)
Belgian Warrior Team, Braine-Le-Comte (BE)
Impulse (FR)
Curazon Bodycenter, Oudenaarde (BE)
Cotton Park Fitness, Kortrijk (BE)
Amplahouse, Gent (BE)
Artevelde Hogeschool WAT, Gent (BE)
Optisport Health Club, Mijdrecht (NL)
Fast Fitness, Deinze (BE)
Fit Factory, Tienen (BE)
Fit Out, Lochristi (BE)
Just Move, Luxemburg (LU)
Stride 6ft8, Rotterdam (NL)
No1 Fitness, Londen (UK)


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