GO FIT Bornem (BE)
Transforming a regular fitness space into a functional training gym

How, what and why. 

The original Go Fit Bornem gym was set up like any regular fitness you used to see in Belgium. Big open space, few design elements, standard lighting, a lot of stationairy equipment like treadmills and power stations et voila, that was it. This formula worked for over 20 years (!) and business was still going well. However, passing on the ownership of the club from father to son, new and fresh ideas came to arise.

Workout equipments

Taking over control, Bruce decided to reform the gym, keeping in mind 4 important aspects:

            1. The gym should be more accessible for functional training
            2. It should be more appealing and standing out
            3. Lowering the need for all-day staffing
            4. Enabling group lessons to be given in the open space

All of the above has been achieved. The new flooring enables to train free everywhere and the sprint track is both a trainingarea as a divider for the group lessons. A full RGBW led setup was installed in the ceiling, giving many colouring options. With the use of a smart gate system and cameras, people can come train from 6AM to 11PM without the need for constant staffing. Using wooden slats and black and white painting, the whole club looks more stylish. And last but not least,taking out many of the old stationairy equipment, keeping only the essentials, and investing in pneumatic Keiser equipment and functional training tools, much more training options are now possible.

Since the renewal, our friends from Hyper Fysio have partnered up with Go-Fit to host a HF satellite in Bornem, adding another income and perception layer to the renewed concept.