Corrective Exercise Kneeling Aztec
an excellent core exercise predominantly for the sagittal plane

The basics

Any exercise that requires you to match a force with a counter force to maintain stability, will be self regulating. In other words, you can only push or pull to a level that can be stabilized by your own internal force generation.

The opposite of this would be ground reaction forces (GRF). The limitations on force production would be strength issue because you can push through the ground. This is the case with most exercises when the force is moved vertically against gravity. But when the force applied is horizontally or perpendicular to the field of gravity, we don’t get the same benefits from the GRF that we get with a vertical load.

Instead, we must turn to our own internal stability from which to create an anchor point for force generation.

As such, this corrective exercise is an excellent core exercise predominantly for the sagittal plane that does just that. It’s also happens to have some great foot benefits too.

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Anthony Carey holds a Master's degree in biomechanics and athletic training and is the inventor of Reactive Training and the Core-Tex™. Anthony is recognized internationally as a leading expert in biomechanics, corrective exercise, functional anatomy and motor control.


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Anthony was a presenter at GTC'17, our annual conference for movement professionals.

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Corrective Exercise Kneeling Aztec
Anthony Carey 10 September, 2022
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